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Large Group

Large Group sessions are designed to introduce the campers to a big idea.  Through music, games, and relevant teaching the large group sessions help campers engage with truths about who God is and what he has done for us.

Small Group

Each Large Group session is accompanied with time specifically dedicated to small groups (either gender-and-age group specific, or youth-group specific depending on the size of your group).  The purpose of the small group session is to help the student learn how to apply what was just discussed in the large group session. This is done through thought provoking discussion questions that help the students internalize the teaching.

Live Music and

Our Large Group sessions go all out to engage every student by utilizing a full modern band to lead the campers in worship as well as a speaker with a strategic approach to bringing the Word of God to the students.


Fun and engaging games are designed to help your students interact with the camp and not just observe from the back.  We have found when students interact, the lessons tend to stick more.  Our goal is to not just entertain during the games, but to break down barriers the students may have previously held to help the students apply what they learn later in the service.

A Safe

Our staff and volunteers are carefully selected to ensure everyone involved is focused on the safety and spiritual growth of the campers. Everyone member of Generation Students is dedicated to ensuring the students not only have a great experience at camp, but that they interact with the theme of the weekend and grow in their relationship with God.

A Personal

We don’t want to take your place with your students.  Our goal is to provide a turnkey camp that feels like it was specifically designed for your group.  We do this by involving your student ministry leaders before the camp.  We will send a Camp Representative to your church to introduce your leaders to the theme of the weekend and the goal of each session.  Your leaders will each receive a Leader’s Guide, complete with discussion questions, an outline of the teaching, and scripture references we will be using that weekend.  This will allow your leaders to spend time before the camp with the teaching materials during their quiet times and in prayer during the weeks leading up to the camp.  This approach helps your leaders remain involved and ensures they are well prepared to lead the small group discussions.

A Rigorous, Yet
Fun Schedule

Every detail is carefully considered to ensure the entire camp experience helps your students grow closer to God.  The weekend is packed full.  But regardless of the activity, every detail has been carefully considered to ensure it is promoting a growth opportunity for your student.  Whether they are eating a meal in the cafeteria, participating in a relay game in the gym, reading the Bible during personal time, or bonding in the lobby, the goal remains the same- to promote your students’ relationship with God.

Who We Are

Generation Students, or “GS,” is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation that exists to “honor the Father, follow the teachings of Jesus, and live by the Spirit.”  We do this by partnering with churches to produce high quality events and weekends focused to Middle and High School students.  The events are designed to help students own their faith, rather than relying on their parents or peers to understand who God is and the plan He has for their lives.   
While Generation Students became official in 2016, we have been producing camps together for years.  There are many faces that help Generation Students succeed at each event.  Many of which you can meet at our next event.  Until then, we would like to introduce you to our leadership team.   
Kevin Kennedy, President 
With a spiritual gift of teaching and a heart for students, Kevin has been serving in student ministry for over twenty years.  His goal is to see students love God, not for what he can do for them, but for whom He is.   
Kirsten Kennedy, Director of Engagement 
Kirsten has been serving in student ministry for over twenty years and after one conversation with her it is hard to miss her gift of hospitality.   Whether it is in her living room or hosting games in a Large Group session, Kirsten’s desire is to see every student feel like they are at home.   
Cody Dermid, Director of Creative Technologies 
Cody has been leading worship and tech teams for over twelve years.  He loves creating distraction free environments where students can connect with God through worship.
Kate Dermid, Director of Merchandising and Social Media 
Katelynn has been mentoring in student ministry for five years.  She loves to watch students become spiritually mature and see them connect with God in their daily lives. 
Drew Brett, Secretary and Director of Fund Raising 
Drew graduated from Liberty University in 2007 and brings his legal industry background to the team.  He has been involved in student ministry since about 2009 and has also played music for bands, orchestras, and churches since his high school days.  He's the goofy looking one usually playing the bass.  Or the trumpet.  Or the keyboard.
Leslie Brett, Treasurer and Camp Director

Leslie, a Union County native, has spent over a decade in local law enforcement after graduating from Liberty University in 2006.  Leslie's role as Camp Director includes organizing volunteers and internships, coordinating with vendors and facilities, and making sure the actual camp weekends run as smoothly as possible.

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