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WinterCamp 2019
January 18-20, 2020


Large group sessions designed to engage and challenge.

SMall Groups

Students discuss and internalize teaching with leaders & peers.


Campers are lead in worship by a full modern band.


Games crafted for everyone to interact and engage.


The entire camp is designed to promote safety and spiritual growth. 

About WinterCamp 2019
3 Days / 2 Nights
Early Bird - $155 per person
After November 1st - $175 per person
Who We Are

About Us

The roots of Generation Students trace back to 2007 when a group of passionate volunteers started working within the local church to increase the effectiveness of their student ministries.  They found that while they loved working with students, God had gifted them with a particular skill set that allowed them to produce high quality events.  Each year, we saw more and more students attracted to the events.  Many students grew in their relationship with Christ due to the involvement, excitement, and relevancy the events brought to the students. 

Today, many of our “veteran” students, though graduated, still attend our events as volunteers, ready to assist and help a student experience the same growth they did at one of our events.


While our leadership has grown, the quality has improved, and our events have multiplied, our passions remain the same…to see students grow in their relationship with Christ.


Therefore, Generation Students, Inc. was formed as an official 501c(3) designated non-profit in June of 2016.  Having our own identity enables us to work with a diversity of churches in our target area. 

Generation Students events are designed to help the local church as they seek to foster their student’s relationship with Christ.  Through fun games, focused worship, and relevant teaching the goals are always the same:

Grow the student’s relationships…

  • with Christ.

  • with their Church.

  • with their leaders. 


Thank you for answering the call!

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