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UBA Youth Leadership Seminar

The Union Baptist Association (UBA) is hosting a Youth Leadership Seminar on September 18, 2021.  Come join us as student pastors from across the county link together and share best practices around pastoring students. 

Registration includes lunch and participation in 3 workshops focused on pastoring students, and costs $65 per person.  Click the 'REGISTER HERE' button below to sign up.  When you get through to the payment page, it will ask you how many people you are registering for.  That's where you will indicate the number of people you are signing up.  Here are the 3 workshops featured:

Small Group Strategies

What is a small group and why would I want one?  What if we are already a small group?  In this discussion, we will share ideas of when to start small groups, how they could fit into your overall ministry strategy, some ideas for curriculum, and other small group topics.  Join us in this discussion and let's share ideas we have seen that work and those that did not.

Mental Health Crises in Students

The American Psychological Association (APA) periodically surveys stress levels in the American public, and since 2013, teens have reported higher levels of stress than adults.  In the 2018 APA survey, the APA identified worse mental health and higher levels of anxiety and depression in teenagers than all other age groups.  A 2019 analysis showed that between 2005 and 2017, teens and young adults experienced a significant rise in serious psychological distress, major depression, and suicide.  Knowing this, how do we as student pastors ensure we are equipped to pastor these students?

Same-sex Attraction and Transgender Students

A recent study by the CDC states that 1 in 10 teenagers identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual.  According to the statistics, there is a good chance at some point same-sex attracted students are either in your group or will be at some point. At a very minimum, your students know someone attracted to the same sex.   Same-sex attracted teens are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide.  How do we show the love of Jesus to these students without doing more harm than good?  We’re not saying we will have all the answers, but let’s have a conversation about what we are seeing in our student ministries.  What it looks like at different phases of student ministry, middle and high school.  Let's talk about these issues and pray for guidance when pastoring these students. 

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