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Night of Worship

August 8.  Ebenezer Church.  6 PM

You don't have to register to attend and there is no cost for our Night of Worship events.  We do ask that you let us know how many are coming so we can plan accordingly.  We don't want 100 students fighting over the last slice of pizza. 

Unless it's for a game, of course.  

So click the Contact Us button below and let us know what church you are with and how many people you plan to bring with you.  And we'll see you on the front row.

Let's Go

Kick off the night in style by getting up out of your seat... or find a way to volunteer someone else first!

Sing Outloud

If you haven't yet seen a room of students join together for worship in song, this may very well change your life. 

Listen Up

Every service needs to have something applicable to walk away with, where your students are better equipped than they were when they walked in.

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