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Generation Students is partnering with Heart for Monroe to put our faith into action, and we want you and your church to come along with us! This summer, Heart for Monroe and Generation Students have established Project 704, a Week of Service in July where local youth groups are invited to come together and serve our community at home this summer.

Project 704’s Week of Service will consist of:


Sunday, July 12 – Kickoff Rally at Shiloh Baptist Monroe Church, which will serve as a home base for the Week of Service. This will be presented by Generation Students so that you and your youth group can get excited about the Week of Service to come!


Monday, July 13, through Friday, July 17 – Daily morning Devotionals at Shiloh Baptist, Send-Off to your assigned worksite for your Service Day, and nightly Evening Meals and Service Workshops back at Shiloh Baptist. The Service Workshops will be a more intimate setting where your group can come and recharge their spirits after a day of serving out in the July sunshine!


Friday, July 17 – Night of Celebration at Shiloh Baptist presented by Generation Students to cap off a great week of giving ourselves away, serving the community, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ! Bring every last ounce of energy you have; you’re going to need it!


When you register your group below, you will get to pick your Top 3 preferred ministry sites. Heart for Monroe will make the final assignments and let you know on Sunday night at the Kickoff Rally what your team’s assignment for the week. There are limited spots to choose but you can pick from such assignments as helping with Sports & Day Camps for kids, Community Garden Projects, Home Repairs for those in need, Missions Fairs, and many others!

Questions You May Have Already

1. How do I get my group signed up for this?

a. Click on the button below “Sign My Group Up” which will take you to the registration page. There, you can fill out some basic information and submit a small deposit so our team can reserve the correct number of spots for your group. After registration, our camp director will provide more logistics information along with a Project Participant List. This will be an Excel spreadsheet asking for things like the number of students attending, the number of adult chaperones attending, physical restrictions that might change what assignment is best suited, and the top 3 assignments individuals wish to sign up for. It will also include the date by which you must return your registration form to us. Our team will provide an invoice for you at a rate of $55 per person attending minus the deposit paid at registration. You will receive your assignment at the beginning of the Week of Service at the Kickoff Rally on July 12.


2. How are you handling these services and projects given the circumstances around COVID-19?

a. The health and safety of everyone involved is of the utmost priority for everyone at Generation Students and Heart for Monroe while serving in the community. While we monitor both the situation on the ground as well as stay up to date on guidance and orders from the governor’s office, we have been in touch with local law enforcement to understand what is and is not permissible. Our Kickoff Rally and Night of Celebration will be held in a way that allows for your group to continue its social distancing practices and we will be able to provide hand sanitizer and masks to do everything possible to keep you safe. Similarly, our nightly Service Workshops will also encourage social distancing practices so that you can focus on hearing God’s voice in a safe and healthy environment.


3. What else should I know right away?

a. You will receive a more complete schedule of the week at the Sunday Kickoff Rally; however, here is some helpful day-to-day information. The Service Days (July 13 through July 17) will start around 8:30AM where your group leaders will receive devotional materials that they can share with the group. The idea behind this is to make sure your team starts with the right mindset: to live out Jesus’ commands that we love our neighbors as ourselves and that we care for those who cannot care for themselves. Most of our ministry sites will begin around 10 AM. Your group will be responsible for transportation to your assigned work site(s); more information around transportation will be available as we get closer to the Week of Service. Your team should pack individual lunches so they can eat at the ministry site (coolers and water will be provided for each ministry site). After your Service Day ends (around 2 PM or so, depending on your assignment), you will have some time to recover before the nightly Service Workshops which are set to begin around 5 PM. Dinner will also be provided during those Workshops, along with a more intimate worship setting and moment of teaching. These Service Workshops should be complete by 9PM; the Friday Night of Celebration might run later than that. When submitting your registration, please make sure you note any food allergies or special requirements so we can make sure to meet everyone’s needs for dinners.


4. Will our students work with other students from the area?

a. They certainly may! Each worksite requires a certain number of students to serve but also has a cap for how many people it can support. That means that, depending on the size of your group, your group might be the only one at that particular worksite, or you could be assigned two different worksites where you team up with other students. Or more than one group could be assigned to the same worksite! If you have a preference for being separated or staying together, there will be a spot for you to note that on the Registration Form.


5. What do my students need to bring with them?

a. First and foremost, bring water! It’s going to be some hot July days and we want you to stay hydrated! Don’t forget sunscreen, bug spray, probably a hat (most of the worksites will be outside). Some sites may require work gloves for gardening or light construction; you will get your assignment Sunday night at the Kickoff Rally. We also strongly recommend closed-toe/closed-heel shoes. You might want to bring a notebook and Bible with you to the nightly Service Workshops as well.


Got more questions? Give us a call at 7046416712 for more help. We look forward to spending the week with you!

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