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Building relationships one embarrassingly messy game at a time



Your students are cool! But, sometimes too cool. It's 2023 and students these days are used to living in isolation behind screens. When they come out in public, there are invisible walls that they put up to keep them from getting hurt. The problem is, those walls also keep them from making true friends. It keeps them from having honest conversations in their small group. It keeps them from experiencing the true freedom God has for them! This means we have to work a little harder to tear those walls down. 

One of the ways we've seen walls torn down is through games. Sounds silly, but we've seen the evidence. Some good competition mixed with slightly messy games leads to team building, laughter, and endless stories and conversations later.  

GS will plan the games and coordinate the whole event. You just bring your youth group and youth leaders to participate alongside other churches in the area. 


This event is free and open to all youth groups! We would love to see you there! We just ask that you RSVP with an estimate of how many people you hope to bring so we can coordinate our games the best way possible.

GS Game Night 2023
GS Game Night 2023
Oct 08, 2023, 6:00 PM
Trinity Baptist Church
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