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One of the things we've come to learn is that youth groups in our area are more successful when we get together.  If youth pastors do not have to worry about putting together an exciting event for their students, it allows them to focus on teaching, discipling, and caring for their students.  So check out the things we can help provide that might free up you and your team.  This is what you can expect to see when you come to one of our events like WinterCamp!  

Generation BandComplete with our own sound equipment; are able to play recommended songs of your choice, as well as provide a set list of songs to complement the teaching.

Sound - Whether you need to compliment your existing system or provide sound in a completely different area, GS can provide the equipment needed to ensure the sound does not get in the way of the message at your event.

Lighting - While quality lighting may sound like an unnecessary luxury, the reality is today’s generation, your students, are more visually stimulated than any other generation before them.  Between video games, phones, and movies, students minds are programmed to be engaged.  Our lighting designers use specific colors and the latest technology to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to ensure your students’ minds are engaged throughout your event.   


Pipe and Drape - We understand that sometimes you just work with what you have.  The space you are planning to use may be designed to accommodate a larger number of people than you are planning to have.  By using pipe and drape to close off a section of the room, your students will not feel swallowed up by the room, creating more energy during the event.  

Communicators - We can provide trained and engaging speakers to deliver your own content, or one of ours.  

Curriculum - Have you had trouble finding content that is relevant and engaging for students?  Our content curators are gifted at taking God’s truths and packing it in a format your students will relate to.  Each curriculum series comes complete with large group teaching outlines and small group discussion questions.  

Hosting services - This can include a complete list of large group, or on-stage games with all supplies necessary, as well as service orders that drive the students towards engagement.  We can also provide talented hosts to help you lead the service at your event.   

Graphic Design - With the numerous images attracting a student’s attention every second, it pays to put forth the extra effort to ensure the most important message receives the impact it deserves.  Our graphic designers are skilled at creating appealing designs and formatting information in a manner that is easily retained.  We can provide anything from advertisements (for any platform), series graphics, or slides for the message.

If you want to discuss what GS can do for you, fill out this quick form and we will reach out to discuss further. 

We would love to partner with you and provide whatever we can to help your group!

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