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Each WinterCamp, we offer the opportunity for community members to join "The Crew".  The Crew is what we like to call our volunteers. A lot goes on behind-the-scenes at WinterCamp and our Crew members help fill all sorts of roles throughout the camp to ensure the students have a smooth and pleasant experience.

Crew members help out with set-up for the session, session games, clean-up after the session, snack prep, gym-time assistance, and overall hype-people throughout the weekend to get the students pumped. We utilize The Crew for help, but we also want you guys to have a beneficial camp experience as well. Therefore, we want you to particpate alongside the students in the worship music and listening to the teaching during the sessions. 

At this time, the cost for coming as a Crew member is $50. This cost covers your meals and room for the 3 days at camp. We require the Crew to serve for the entirety of camp, including setup and tear down. The Crew is required to arrive at 8AM on Saturday, January 13th and stay until 6PM on Monday, January 15th. 

So if you are 18 years or older, have a passion for serving Christ in youth services, and can function with little hours of sleep a night for the whole weekend, submit your application below!  Keep in mind that spaces are limited and you must be able to pass a background check (which we will run on our end).  

If your application is approved, you will be contacted by GS staff to give you some more details about the upcoming WinterCamp.  Your duties for the weekend may not be assigned until you show up at Camp, or they may be emailed to you before Camp begins. 


If we aren't able to accept you this time, we will encourage you to apply again next year.  We would love to be able to take along everyone who applies but space is limited so get your application in quickly!  If you have any questions, you can always email us at   

As part of the Generation Students' Crew, you would be expected to represent the mission and character that everyone at GS expects of themselves.  As such, there are some basic conduct rules that we would expect you to adhere to.  If you feel you would not be able to meet these expectations, please let us know immediately so we can find a more suitable opportunity for you to serve. 

  • While staff is encouraged to get to know camp participants, pursuing dating (or more serious) relationships with participants is NOT acceptable.

  • Being alone with another individual (whether a camp participant or another staff member) of the opposite gender who is not your spouse is NOT acceptable.

  • Tobacco, alcohol, and drug use is NOT acceptable during camps and on camp facilities, without exception.  

  • Taking camp participants off facility grounds is NOT acceptable. 

  • Vulgar, insulting, or offensive language is NOT acceptable. 

  • Giving medication to a camp participant is NOT acceptable.  

  • Because GS is a guest of the facility, you must abide by any and all rules set by the facility.  

  • At all times, you must conduct yourself and set a good example in Christian conduct for the camp participants.  

Failure to abide by these rules as a Crew Member will result in your being dismissed from GS and asked to leave the camp facilities.  

Crew Application 

After I submit this information, the next page contains payment information. I understand that the cost for a Crew Members is $50. This payment must be made before your application can be processed. If for some reason you are unable to pay $50, please reach out to a GS staff member before submitting and we will work with you. After submitting your payment, a GS staff member will reach out regarding the status of your application. 

Thanks for submitting!

All our spots are full! We would love for you to join at next year's WinterCamp, so check back in a few months!

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