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Saturday Morning Breakouts

Tech-Wise Parenting – Your kids and students spend as much time with technology as anything else in their daily lives.  How can we as parents oversee the use of technology and lead our children well in a digital age?

Protecting Your Marriage – One the most effective tools in leading our children is a strong marriage.  Many times, our marriage is placed on the back burner while we focus on more pressing issues with our children.  How can we ensure we give our marriage the attention in needs to remain healthy while at the same time focusing on our children?  

#Relationships – BFF, girlfriends, team mates, classmates, regardless of what they look like, relationships will be a part of your kid’s world.  How can we as parents lead and hold our kids accountable without becoming an enemy?  

Non-Professional Parenting - It is often easy to rely on “professional Christians” to disciple our children.  In this breakout session, we will discuss practical ways we can begin and encourage spiritual growth in the home?  Even if we don’t have all the answers. 

Friday Evening

Breakout Sessions

Infant – PreK - Mark Navey
Elementary - Jacob Navey
Middle School - Cassie Little
High School - Sully Silva
Junior Year and Beyond - Kevin Kennedy



Friday Evening
6:00 – Registrations Opens
6:15 – Dinner
6:45 - Child Drop Off
7:00 – Worship / Large Group Session
8:15 – Break Out Session (Age Based)
9:00 – Depart


Saturday Morning
8:30 – Breakfast
8:50 - Child Drop Off
9:00 – Worship
9:20 – Breakout Session 1
10:30 – Breakout Session 2
11:40 – Large Group Q and A
12:30 - Depart

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