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Everything in this world is transactional. We do things because we want something in return. I practice hard, so I can get on the team. I study so I can get good grades. I do things so other kids think I'm cool. It’s natural for us to think this way. However, that’s not how God works. There’s so many things that God does for us just because He loves us. Not because anything we did, or anything he expects of us in return. No, he does it just because. So at WinterCamp’24, we will spend the weekend unpacking a few of these specific things that God does for us just because


It is our mission to keep the camp cost low so every church is able to send as many students as possible to camp. At the low cost of $175 per attendee, we can make camp happen. $175 simply covers the participant's room and meals for 3 days.


WinterCamp is a Christ-centered student camp that offers high-energy unique experiences for students. We focus on connecting students with God, their peers, and their local youth group at every camp. We do this by creating small group environments that build strong relationships and allow students to grow in their faith.


Throughout the year, our staff is creating teaching topics, small group questions, and purposeful activities that create an impactful and life-changing experience.

Our team focuses on 5 key areas to create a life-changing weekend experience:


Large group sessions designed to engage and challenge.


Students discuss and internalize teaching with leaders & peers.


Campers are lead in worship by a full modern band.


Games crafted for everyone to interact and engage.


The entire camp is designed to promote safety and spiritual growth. 


Here's the thing- WinterCamp will never be a forever experience. The weekend ends, we all go back to our full-time jobs, the students go back to school, their families, and their local communities. That's where your church comes in. Your students have spent the whole weekend getting to know their peers deeper and experienced trusting their small group leaders. So our hope is that they can take what they've learned at camp home with them by staying involved in your youth group. 

"We have attended and worked at various camps in the past and have even taken our students to different camps. However, we have never come across a camp that shows the same level of care and affection towards our students as Generation Students does."


Wintercamp is the weekend of Martin Luther King Day every. single. year... So you know, if you want to book that weekend in your calendar for the next 8 years, we think that's a really good idea!

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  • WinterCamp'24
    Sat, Jan 13
    Black Mountain
    Jan 13, 2024, 4:00 PM – Jan 15, 2024, 1:00 PM
    Black Mountain, 84 Blue Ridge Cir, Black Mountain, NC 28711, USA
    Get ready for high-energy unique experiences that inspire students to grow in their relationship with God, their peers, and their local youth group. This 2 night, 3 day experience is $175 per attendee.
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